Board of Directors


The Board of Directors (BOD) is the national governing entity that oversees all operational functions of the organization, and is the foremost regulating authority.  The BOD works with the BOT to ensure the integrity of decisions under the mission and purpose of Chi Upsilon Sigma ®. They also oversee standing committees including the Leadership Development, Philanthropic, Marketing, Convention, Banquet and Historical Society.

The BOD is comprised of alumnae who serve as executive board members for two year terms based on a split election system. These women represent various regions and dedicate themselves to the objectives of the organization and its members. The positions include:

  • President: Cynthia Marino
  • Vice President: Kimberly Young
  • Director of Finance: Janeese Pons
  • Director of Communications: Angie Ruiz
  • Director of Undergraduate Relations: Jay Strobeck
  • Director of Alumnae Relations: Cristal Regalado
  • Director of Expansion: Vacant
  • Director of External Affairs: Sy Cabodevilla
  • Director of Intake: Dalma Santana
  • Director of Parliamentary Procedure: Tatiana Gallego