Board of Trustees


The mission of the Board of Trustees (BOT) is to focus Chi Upsilon Sigma’s ® priorities on the advancement of the organization. The BOT will concentrate on stream lining the organization’s duties and increase the organization’s communication lines. The BOT will focus on strategically making comprehensive changes in the overall structure, organization and business practices of Chi Upsilon Sigma ® in order to better accomplish its mission. The BOT is committed to examining the scope of the organization’s internal and external practices and to ensuring that the organization excels in today’s evolving environment.

The Board of Trustees of Chi Upsilon Sigma ® is comprised of alumnae sisters whose personal and professional expertise has deemed them exceptional leaders. Members of the BOT are appointed by the Board of Directors as the organization’s "strategic planning" entity. The positions include:

  • Chair: Jasmin Larach
  • Vice Chair: Laura Satterfield-Mathieu
  • Trustee of Communication: Allison Seijo
  • Trustee of Finance: Fiorella Valderrama
  • Trustee of Leadership Development: Vacant
  • Trustee of Public Relations: Angelica Heiderich
  • Trustee of Parlimentary Procedure: Vacant