This award goes to an alumna sister who exemplifies our values within our organization and her surrounding community and has selflessly served to improve CUS over the past 10 years.


  • Must have been a member for a minimum of 10 years, not to exceed 14 years
  • Must be a member in good standing (defined in PPM section 1.06) for the 2016 calendar year
    • To win an award in 2017, the member must have been in good standing for the 2016 calendar year
  • Never have been charged with a Type B or higher sanction
  • Be an exemplary sister (in character and work ethic) who has made a genuine contribution in each of their capacities and can demonstrate their impact on the organization as a whole through tangible achievements (i.e. implementation of new policies, projects, ideas)
  • Served as an officer on the undergraduate level or graduate chapter level
  • Active involvement through an additional leadership role as Alumna Advisor, National Committee member, Chair of a national committee, NALFO Liaison, Regional Board, BOT or BOD.
  • Financially active for at least 75% of their tenure including within the last 2 years the award is being given
    • Special consideration for sisters who have served in the military and have been deployed for 2 or more years
  • The following required documentation must be received by the nomination deadlines
    • Letter of recommendation from a member in good standing detailing the aforementioned criteria


Please use the below form to nominate a Sister for The 2017 Eternal Flame Award.


* All requirements are updated according to the Feb 2017 PPM Updates.