This award goes to an alumna sister that has made significant strides in redefining, developing or creating change within their respective professional community and graduated a minimum of 5 years before award year.


  • Applicant should have graduated a minimum of five years before award year
  • Must be a member in good standing (defined in PPM section 1.06) for the 2016 calendar year
    • To win an award in 2017, the member must have been in good standing for the 2016 calendar year
  • The following required documentation must be received by the nomination deadlines
    • Professional Resume
    • Statement of Accomplishments
    • Letter of recommendation from a member in good standing detailing the aforementioned criteria


Please use the below form to nominate a Sister for The 2017 Professional of the Year Award.


* All requirements are updated according to the Feb 2017 PPM Updates.