Leadership Development Program


The Leadership Development Program is designed to cultivate budding leaders within the sorority. Four mentors serve as advisors for 20 trainees who will create solutions for the sorority's most challenging problems. The teams will present their strongest recommendations to the executive leadership of the sorority. Each mentor will provide feedback to her respective team of seven trainees.

The intended target population for this program was sisters who have never held national nor regional positions but have an interest in pursuing a leadership role (graduate chapter, committee, alumna advisor, regional or national) for the next election cycle.

The program was marketed to sisters targeted for leadership potential or have expressed interest in leadership roles.

This program will be ENGAGING, INNOVATIVE, FLEXIBLE, and HELPFUL for everyone involved.

Program Benefits:

  • Networking and relationship building with trainees, mentors, and LDC members
  • Networking and relationship building with Regional Board, Board of Directors, and Board of Trustees members
  • Enhance proposal writing and presentation skills
  • Greater understanding of sorority governance and leadership
  • National exposure and name recognition across the sorority
  • Opportunity to leverage personal and professional resources of participants

Program Success:

In 2015, 37% of the new leaders were trainees or mentors of the 2014-2015 cohort


For information about this program, please email Bianca Jackson at TOLD@JustBeCUS.org.