2020 National Leadership Conference

June 1-12, 2020

Dawn of A New Era:
Innovate, Evolve, Thrive

The dawn of something is defined as the time when something such as a new period in history begins. This theme will allow us to explore how the accomplishments of greek organizations and its members alongside our mission and goals are transforming in the current state of Greek Life.  The NLC will be designed to give information, inspiration and connections to help Chi Upsilon Sigma thrive. There will be a particular focus on how to use social justice, intertwined with our values, to innovate, evolve, and thrive as we celebrate 40 years of CUS.  Four decades, hundreds of sisters, a range of professionals and leaders and a multitude of traditions, make CUS what it is today.

This year’s NLC will recognize and celebrate forty years of empowerment, growth, and achievements. We will commemorate women from across four decades whose commitment, passion, and work inspires others and gives tribute to the Chi Upsilon Sigma mission of working towards the betterment of all women and inspiring future CUS sisters.

Active Alumnae & Undergraduates

Active undergraduates and alumnae will be able to register online once the workshops have been confirmed.  You must register individually for the workshops you are interested in attending. More information coming soon.

Register for NLC 2020

Inactive sisters may register for a nominal fee of $25 which will give access to all webinars as well as recordings of the webinar series. To register, visit:


Event Schedule

Events will be held virtually starting on June 1st and ending on June 12th. Reserve your spot for each event by registering on the event page.


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