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Crown Therapy

Here at Crown Therapy, we believe in the importance of mind, body, and spirit starting from the crown (head). Our products inspire you to enhance your physical aspects and encourage you from within to be the best you possible. "Self care from the head down." Main products offered: 3 Hair Care Products: 1. Leave-In Conditioner 2. Hair Mask 3. Overnight Hair Repair

9:29am Designs

Handmade Statement Earrings, made of lightweight polymer clay and charms. Perfect for anytime and anywhere. Earrings of various sizes, ranging from small studs to large statement pieces that are sure to be noticed.

Greek Org Apparel

Greek Org Apparel sells a variety of sorority and variety products including shorts, headwear, beanies, caps, tops, jackets, cardigans, sweat shirts, polos, tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves, and more.

Nerys Craft Shop LLC

Nerys Craft Shop first began by keeping it amongst our friends and family. Through word of mouth, I started to receive more orders which pushed me to explore our creative side. Nerys Craft Shop sells handmade crafts such as personalized clothing apparel, resin work, wood work and much more! I started this business about a year ago when I received my machine as a gift. At first, I didn’t think I would do much with it. I continued to explore my creative side and explore all the things I can do with my crafting machine and from there my love for creativity began to grow as well as my passion for it. I decided to make something out of it because just as I loved to see the outcome of everything I was doing, I wanted individuals to feel the same when receiving their orders. My purpose on creating this business was to bring people’s happiness and creativity to life. I want my customers to feel joy and satisfaction when receiving their order.

DeeSign Royalties

DeeSign Royalties offer personalized apparel, gifts and signs.

Tiny and Obsessed

This store was created to encourage people to enjoy the little (Tiny) things in life that we are absolutely OBSESSED with. In my case I am obsessed with my sisterhood and the love and support we bring to women around us. I use the correct HEX color codes in each design and hand make many of my designs.

E&V Embroidery

E&V Embroidery was established in April 2006 with the vision of delivering high-quality, affordable, custom Greek paraphernalia as well as non-Greek apparel.

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