We have an amazing network of alumnae who continue to devote their time and efforts to our beloved organization. Despite their hectic personal and professional schedules, they continue to impart their wisdom and expertise on our membership; guiding and inspiring the next generation of sisters.

Graduate Chapters are comprised of an executive board of alumna sisters and overseen by the Director of Alumna Relations. Similar to undergraduate chapters, they facilitate programs, host social events, and perform community service.

Graduate Chapters cater to the general community and exclusively to local alumnae. Sister events include Wine and Cheese socials, Scrapbooking parties, Soror Saturdays and other events where alumnae can relish in the bond of sisterhood. Their community wide initiatives include professional networking events and workshops dealing with current issues affecting the local community in the political, cultural, educational, and social arenas.

The benefits of joining a graduate chapter are:

Renew and sustain the friendships and traditions of your college years.
Engage with our collegians as volunteers and mentors.
Build Chi Upsilon Sigma’s reputation for philanthropy, service and education.
Recruit new members as alumna prospects.
Welcome new members who relocate to the community.

In the spirit of academic excellence, some graduate chapters have also created scholarship funds that award book scholarships to undergraduate sisters. Furthermore, Graduate Chapters mentor and provide support to local undergrads.

Currently there are eleven Graduate Chapters. However, requests to establish new Graduate Chapters are on the rise as our alumnae network extends across the nation.