Becoming a founding sister for a CUS chapter is an exciting experience. Our members are extraordinary women who have a desire to make long lasting change and impact in the community.  Bringing a chapter to your campus gives young women an avenue to completely redefine the fraternal experience and to create a legacy that will change the status of women on campus for years to come.

What legacy would you like to leave on campus? There are several ways to start a chapter on your campus if one does not already exist or to re-active a chapter where there are currently no members.

Q: How do I start a chapter of Chi Upsilon Sigma ®?

A: Building relationships with our campus partners is very important to us. If you are interested in starting a chapter, first reach out to your Greek Life office to understand the requirements needed to bring a new organization to your school and to ensure they welcome expansion. Additionally, if Greek Life supports your expansion, they will support you when you become a member of Chi Upsilon Sigma ®. If you are not sure if a chapter already exists on your campus, you can view our chapter locator, inquire with your Greek Life office, or contact our expansion team below.

Q: How many women do we need to start a chapter?

A: To become a chapter, interest groups must have a minimum of 10 women. We expect the group to be competitive with the average size of the sororities on the host campus.

Q: What are your academic requirements?

A: Our motto is “Wisdom through Education”; therefore strong academic achievement is important to us. Women interested in our organization must have and maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average and should recruit women with similar or greater academic profiles.

Q: Do we need to have an advisor?

A: Your host institution may require a staff or faculty advisor. Contact your Greek Life staff to determine if it is needed. While our organization does not require a campus advisor, campus faculty and staff are well connected to resources and information that will be of great benefit to you and your chapter. We recommend that you identify a faculty or staff person who can serve as your campus advisor and as an extra layer of support.

Q: Who do we contact to start a chapter?

A: Working with new groups is very exciting for us and we want to support your effort. Once you have discussed your idea for expansion with your host institution and identified 10 women who may want to join, you may contact the Director of Expansion at expansion@justbecus.org. The Expansion Team will assign an Area Expansion Officer who will serve as your point of contact and will provide you with information on the next steps.

Q: What kind of support can a new chapter expect?

A: Chapters are supported in many ways. At the university level, chapters can expect support from their Greek Life staff and campus advisor should they choose to have one. At the chapter level, each chapter will be assigned several members to guide the women through the educational process and each potential new member will be assigned a mentor. Additionally, once a chapter is established on campus, each chapter is assigned an Alumna Advisor who serves as the liaison between the chapter, university and regional/national leadership. The Alumna Advisor also works with the chapter to ensure it has the tools necessary to establish and maintain a solid foundation. The regional leadership will host sisterhood, professional and leadership development programs throughout the year to support the evolving needs of our chapters. The National Board of Directors will provide the overall governing structure for chapters and will host National Convention.