A hazing prevention policy has been designed and adopted by the national governing bodies of C.U.S., the Board of Trustees, Board of Directors, and Regional Boards; the policy governs all functions sponsored by each respective chapter and colony.

All members of Corazones Unidos Siempre/Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc. ® (hereafter known as C.U.S. or The Sorority) must complied with this hazing policy at all times in which they are acting as a member of this sorority or where the activity whether on or off campus, may affect or interfere with the lawful function of The Sorority.

Section 1 State Laws and Rules Upheld

Hazing is strictly prohibited by The Sorority. The laws established by the Federal, State and individual institution will be upheld in accordance with each respective chapter and or colony.

Section 2 Hazing Defined

The act of hazing is defined as participating in or allowing any act of coercion of another, including the individual, to do anything that creates a substantial risk of causing mental or physical harm, discomfort, embarrassment, or ridicule to an individual. A forced or coerced activity is also considered hazing when the initiation or admission into, or continued affiliation with, a University organization is directly or indirectly conditional upon performing that activity. In no event will the willingness of an individual to participate in such activity be used as a defense towards the hazing case presiding.

Section 3 Prohibited Actions and Activities

Actions and activities which are explicitly prohibited include, but are not limited to, the following:

3.1 Any activity that creates a substantial risk of physical or emotional harm to an individual.
3.2 Paddling, beating, hitting or any physical contact of any kind considered offensive or done against an individual’s will.
3.3 Wearing apparel which is conspicuous, designed to be degrading or that causes discomfort or embarrassment.
3.4 Depriving individuals of the opportunity of efficient sleep, by proper and adequate means or access to maintaining bodily hygiene.
3.5 Activities that interfere with an individual’s academic efforts by causing exhaustion or loss of study time.
3.6 Use of intoxicants or any illegal substances or medication not prescribed by a healthcare professional.
3.7 Eating or drinking foreign or unusual substances, including suggested or forced consumption of alcohol, or anything an individual chooses not to eat or drink.
3.8 Having an object or substance thrown at, poured on, attached to or otherwise applied to the bodies of the individuals.
3.9 Any activity or game that makes an individual the object of amusement, discomfort, harassment, ridicule, or intimidation or which causes the individual to be degraded, humiliated or berated.
3.10 Kidnapping, transporting, standing at social functions and/or stranding anyone.
3.11 Interrogations or audible stress such as yelling or loud noises.
3.12 Activities that are illegal such as but not limited to a misdemeanor and/ or felony based on the State laws or the Legislation of each respective chapter.
3.13 Activities that are contrary to the policies and regulations of the chapter’s or colony’s respective institution.
3.14 Personal servitude, running errands, or performing maid services.
3.15 Treasure or scavenger hunts.

Any such activity is wrongful and in violation of the Sorority’s policy regardless of whether any individual or individuals involved in the conduct believe that the participants in the activities are doing so by consent or their own free will. The Sorority also adopts and incorporates herein any hazing policies established by the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations, NALFO, its official umbrella organization, which can be found at www.nalfo.org.

Section 4 Penalties and Waivers

Any individual who engages [or participates] in, encourages, aids, or assists in hazing is in violation of the Sorority’s policy against hazing and subject to:

4.1 Disciplinary action by the Sorority, including permanent expulsion and loss of privileges.
4.2 Disciplinary action by the College/University in accordance with applicable campus and student rules of conduct.
4.3 Criminal prosecution in accordance with local, state and federal criminal codes and statutes.
4.4 Civil Claims filed by this Sorority against any individual who violates the Sorority’s policy and thereby causes the Sorority to be demeaned in the eyes of the public or made the subject of litigation involving an alleged violation of this policy.
4.5 Waiver of claims against the Sorority:
Any individual who participates in an incident or incidents of hazing, including any individual subjected to, or claiming injuries as a result of alleged hazing, releases and agrees not to hold the Sorority, its Directors, Officers, other governing entities, or its members liable or responsible for any and all claims, suits, losses, costs, expenses or damages (including attorneys fees or punitive damages) that arise out of or otherwise relate in any way to such incident or incidents.

Section 5 Other individual acknowledgments and commitments

5.1 In all circumstances: The individual conduct and the activities of our members and membership must be lawful, dignified and in complete accordance with the Sorority’s policy on hazing and applicable university, local, state, and federal law.
5.2 In all circumstances: There are no “above” or “underground” activities required to gain or retain admission into this Sorority
5.3 In all circumstances: Any individual who might ever be requested to violate the Sorority’s policy on hazing, or who might otherwise be asked to engage in demeaning or dangerous conduct, has an obligation to not only notify the Sorority, in addition could be held in violation of the Sorority’s policies against hazing.